We provide specialist online services tailor-made for hotels to achieve more online bookings. Our experienced consultants can guide you on how to achieve success through our range of web design and integrated marketing services.

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Online Marketing and Web Services

Your hotel's brand name will not only spread further, but will successfully reach your target customers with our range professional online marketing services. We drive more traffic to book direct on your own website and use innovative platforms that closely monitor OTA's to your maximum benefit.

To get started we offer a range of web services that covers original copywriting, cutting edge design and professional photography. Create desire with the latest in video technology and increase your sales with a sophisticated 360° virtual tour of your hotel. All backed up by reliable maintenance and support services we provide a complete one-stop solution.

Search Engine Optimization

The Key to High Ranking

Having the correct keywords on your website is essential, we understand each hotel is unique and we endeavor to discover the words that match your niche market expectations and of course generate revenue.

Customers searching for a hotel on the web are going to use some obvious keywords to search, we will ensure are present in your website. There are other keywords that may generate traffic, but will not convert into bookings, which we will where possible eliminate

Our SEO teams have worked with hotels for many years and never treat two businesses as the same. We understand that each hotel is unique in providing guests with a special experience that cannot be found in another hotel. We will discover why customers choose to stay with you and through SEO will attract the right people giving you a higher rate of conversion from visitors into paying customers, in hotel speak "from lookers to bookers"

Search Engine Marketing

Suitable for All Budgets

Pay-per-click advertising may not cost as much as you think. Simply having a link present on relevant sites and search engines gets your hotel seen, only if people click then you are charged by Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Our SEM service provides a fast and simple way to advertise your hotel to a wide audience at a cost you are comfortable with. We select the successful keywords for your hotel and direct them to pages that convert into bookings.

These keywords will be matched to as many relevant websites that you wish to target including news pages or travel sites that you desire across the Google and AdWords network using Google's contextual targeting technology. For more control, you can also select your preferred sites, and demographics criteria to target with your ads.

With a detailed report we can measure the success of each ad placement and continuously improve your campaign performance by updating keywords and providing excellent advert text.

Email Marketing

Building Relationships

Email is a powerful marketing tool that communicates directly with your target audience and we can help maximize your hotel's communication potential with our professional email services. Combined with our social media marketing, your message will be even stronger and reach a wider audience.

Our team of hotel marketing professionals can create email newsletters that excite, create desire, improve customer relationships and ultimately increase your bookings.

Sign up forms and opt in newsletters that will help to build your database and as it grows your message will become more powerful giving greater exposure for your hotel.

Our email marketing solutions involve sharing ideas to create messages, designing and building a template that complements your brand image, and efficiently sending the email to your database. To spread the message further we can communicate it through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Our system also allows you to track the success of each email campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Start a Conversation

Stay ahead of the competition by taking advantage of the fastest growing marketing channel. Our team can provide a one-stop service for social media marketing and email to help your business grow.

Let us help you spread your message across the world for millions to see with social media. Facebook and Twitter are tools for business that get you closer to your customers by sharing ideas, information, links and photos. Start conversations and get your audience involved and build up a fan base who 'like' your hotel.

We can help you publish and track your posts, schedule messages and save draft posts. Because we provide a complete solution for email and social media, we can synchronize your message across all platforms without the need to open each application.

TripAdvisor Services

Boost your bookings

Make the most of the worlds most visited user generated advisory travel site by managing your reviews, and presenting your hotel with great copy, images and videos. Join TripAdvisor's Business Listings that give visitors a direct link to your website. We believe that TripAdvisor can boost your occupancy, and promote your brand and with our knowledge of how it works, we can successfully manage the following:

  • Update your business details
  • Showcase your business with great photos
  • Receive e-mail notification of new reviews
  • Assist you to respond to guest reviews
  • Promote your business with free widgets and badges
  • Compare your business with competitors by tracking your performance

TripAdvisor Business Listings is an additional feature that allows visitors to contact you directly making it easier to book. Our Business Listings service includes everything from initial contact and setting up your account, to uploading your hotel information online.

Content Analysis & Copywriting

Winning Words with Creative Copy

Our professional copywriters can capture the essence of what makes your hotel special and will create original copy that promotes your unique selling points that draws attention and creates positive interest.

Using the correct wording makes all the difference. Too many companies invest in fabulous web design only to let themselves down with poor quality copy. Potential customers view your website as a window into your hotel, so it is an immediate turn off if they come across badly written text which is clumsy and hard to read.

We employ professional native English writers that specialize in hotel copywriting. The content we provide will give your visitors a pleasant and memorable experience that will not only grab and retain their attention, but will also play an important role in search engine optimization.

Photography & Videos

Capture Your Brand on Camera

Images are a crucial tool in marketing your hotel, not only on your own website but across all online marketing channels and with our 360° virtual tour you will instantly capture people's imagination and desire. Our efficient process for hotel photography and video service will get your website online quickly, easily and looking at its absolute best.

Client Briefing
We discuss your photography and video requirements including budget and explore how we can best promote your hotel to your niche target market using a creative process tool.

Our creative team develop a draft plan for action, which will be presented as a storyboard for larger projects, displaying different concepts and themes.

Dedicated Team
A professional team of photographers will be assigned to your project who will handle all photography, videos, editing and retouching.

We provide a schedule for the photo shoot, but are flexible to changes according to guest occupancy and the weather.

Web Services & Maintenance

Fast and Affordable Updates

Updates keep your website fresh and new, improving visitor experience whilst yielding SEO benefits. Our staff has experience with hotel and travel websites and can perform regular or one-off updates as well as fix any maintenance issues.

Keeping website content up-to-date and looking fresh is an area where we excel, and it is what drives traffic to your site and keeps visitors returning. By staying abreast of the latest technologies, we have the know-how and ability to ensure your website evolution is continuously improving.

We can update your hotel news, special events, promotions etc. swiftly and efficiently, check that content is always accurate and ensure your message is delivered consistently across all marketing channels.

In addition we maintain applications, perform search engine optimization, fix bugs, provide continuous support and can also advise you how to enhance your website as new technologies are launched.